Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Honeymoon!!!!

Our honeymoon was a two and a half day stay at the Boardwalk Cottages in Long Beach, Washington. The cottages were small and quaint. We had a good laugh with all the "rules" that were posted around the room, but it was a lovely stay and they provided fresh from the oven pastries every morning with the yummiest coffee we had ever had. We definitely picked some up before we headed out of town. The weather was beautiful. The only rain we saw was on Monday morning, which was fine because it was a very lazy morning for us. That afternoon, we ventured out for a little time in town, mailed our marriage license and grabbed a bite to eat at the bakery, which I still dream about and wish it wasn't a four and a half hour drive to get to!

Monday morning, we caught a little bit from the movie "Big" with Tom Hanks on the television. The part we saw was where he was at the carnival and he made a wish on the Zoltar machine to be big. Well, little did we know that we too would have a chance to make our own wishes with Zoltar! Our wishes weren't to be any bigger than we already are, but we were both given some advice. The advice I received was questionable and Peter's really didn't make any sense, but it was fun.

We also made a trip to March's Free Museum where we saw Jake the alligator man, a two headed pig and calf, several other wonders of the world and let us not forget the opportunity to view a peep show! One of our other stops were to see the worlds largest skillet. Our last evening in town, we went to a resteraunt that we would both be more than happy to recommend and go back to again. It was called, The Depot. It was so mouth watering good and worth every single shiny penny we spent!

On our way out, we stopped at Cape Disappointment. It was blue skies, warm and gorgeous! We hiked down to the light house and since I had never been in one, Peter couldn't let me pass up the opportunity. The visit was truly amazing and enjoyable. The lovely couple who was hosting were actually from Colorado and they came out to spend the winter and volunteer so that the light house could be open to the public. You could tell that they really enjoyed the opportunity and were so excited to share it with others.

As our trip came to an end, we traveled back home on Highway 101 - all around the edge of the peninsula and took the ferry from Kingston to Edmonds. It was truly beautiful. We were so blessed that we had such nice weather and some rest and relaxation. Hope you enjoyed the photos.

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