Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Holiday Hangover

The holidays of 2012 are officially over and Gracie, our cat is so happy that her reindeer antlers have been retired until next year.

We had a nice time with both sides of the family. Christmas eve was spent at my parents home and was celebrated with lots of food, desserts and "thoughtful" white elephant gifts. This is what my husband was lucky enough to bring home. 

It sings and dances and is just overall - creepy. This will be re-gifted for next year.... I will make sure of it.

Christmas Day was spent with Peter's side of the family. We celebrated the Austrian way. Plate full of schnitzle and potatoes - YUM!!! I'm sure that there was other healthier good for you food, but this is all I can remember. This is the stuff that gets fought over even if there are plenty left for everyone. Mmmm. Makes me want one now. 

The whole day and evening was a lovely celebration and being together with family is always the best gift. 

My brother-in-law, Andrew was in town from Kodiak for Christmas. His birthday was back in September, but we wanted to celebrate such a big birthday as a family. So although it was a little belated, we snuck Happy 50th Birthday party for him a few days later. 

This is the center piece for the table. (thank you Pinterest)

My angels had to cover their eyes when the decorations came out. I raided the after-Halloween sales for a few "appropriate" birthday decorations.

I made this shirt for him using the freezer paper method. It worked out great and he thought it was pretty funny. Now he won't get carded so much. Ha! 

We had a busy time, but a good time with all the family. Goodbye 2012 and Welcome 2013!!