Sunday, November 21, 2010

Applesauce Success and Awefully Burnt Mess!

I found a great deal on 5 lb bags of apples at a grocery discount store and jumped at the chance to replenish our applesauce stash by buying 6 bags! My father-in-law eats the stuff every morning and well, his stash is dwindling. I wonder if eating applesauce every morning will be one of those pieces of advice he will pass on when someone asks "How do you live to be____ years old?"

Well, the battle of peeling, coring and cooking began in the mid morning and ended right before I started to cook dinner. 

The apples were very well ripe, so I was unable to use my fancy dancy peeler/corer and resorted to the pioneer days of a paring knife. I filled up two large pots. One pot was for cranberry applesauce and the other for blueberry applesauce.

It was a long process and I kept my eyes on each pot, stirring them and mashing a little. The cranberry applesauce turned out perfect and I got twelve-eight ounce jars. As for the mess, I was way to upset and embarrassed to take photos so you will have to use your imagination. The blueberry sauce, well, imagine a brand new stainless steel stock pot with a one and a half inch black burnt layer on the bottom. Ugh! Money, time and love wasted away. Back to the drawing board!

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