Saturday, October 20, 2012

Pinterest inspires

Well, as you may know, I nanny a now four-year-old kid (He gets very upset if I call him a little boy!) Each year when birthdays or special holidays come around, I rack my brain trying to figure out a good gift for him to make for his parents. I have been eyeing this project for a while and keeping it in my mental files so that I may use it for one of the upcoming present giving opportunities. Well, the time has come. The four-year-olds mother is having a birthday and this is what she will receive.

Melted crayon art.
The silhouette is actually of the 4-year-old holding his mommy's umbrella. 

I also wanted to share some of our other past projects. Sorry the photos are not great, but it will give you an idea. We do have a lot of fun with projects.  I love to do them, but it can be hard to come up with new fun things that will make the parents happy, which is why I love Pinterest. So many fun and amazing ideas that are shared and inspire me.

A foot print butterfly for mother's day.

A hand printed baseball cap for father's day.

A handprint tree for father's birthday.

I hope that you too become inspired to create something. Can't wait for the next project!!

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