Thursday, October 21, 2010

First comes love... continued

Family from Austria came for a visit for a few weeks at the end of July and begining of August. Because we knew that they wouldn't be able to make a trip back for the wedding in October, we wanted to make sure they felt included in the wedding, so we had an engagement party!

My sister, Anna and her loving husband, Sean and their two boys, Max and Sawyer allowed us to invade their home and property for the party. It was absolutely beautiful. Everyone complimented on their beautiful home and the property that they have right on Chain Lake in Snohomish. We couldn't have been more blessed to have such a beautiful location and great family support.

We prayed for good weather and we got it. It was 95 degrees. That may not be too hot for other parts of the country, but for Snohomish... we were melting. We all longingly looked at the lake and thought about jumping in, but we refrained for some unknown reason and cooled down with cold beverages and finding hints of shade.

We had a great time. Family and friends came to help us celebrate. Here are some photos that my nephew Max, our photographer of the day took!

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