Sunday, December 19, 2010

I spy... Ten Tiny Fingers!

Now that the first of the holiday gifts have been handed out and opened, I have decided to show my work. I am a nanny for a two-year-old boy named Jude. I recently introduced him to the "I spy" game once the Christmas tree was up. We would sit for at least half an hour at times and spy different ornaments on the tree, even though his favorite thing was to point out all the blue lights. When we first started playing it, he would get so excited when he would find something which sparked the perfect gift idea light bulb going off in my head!

Well, here is. My perfect light bulb gift idea and my first project on the sewing machine I recieved as a wedding gift. I made a "I Spy" quilt for my little two-year-old. I think it turned out pretty gosh darn nice and every -whoops a daisy- in it is a "handmade with love" disclaimer.

For a gift for his parents, I help my little monkey make a special gift. Last year we gave them a cozy blanket with his footprints on so they could have cozy family time. This year Jude is all about hand prints and has become quite a pro at making them, so this is what we came up with.

I looked into using glass and porcelain paint but because of the violent warnings of possible cancer causing agents, I decided to use a non toxic acrylic paint for his hand prints and a permanent marker to write the poem. My husband than lightly dusted it with a clear acrylic spray coating. It can't be used for food, just display but I thought it was beautiful and I am in love with the platter I found at such a great price at Ross.

Happy Holiday Crafting to you!

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