Saturday, November 27, 2010

My Christmas story, limb by limb.

After spending a lovely afternoon at the Department of Licensing to get my new name on my license, I came home to make an early easy dinner of turkey grilled cheese sandwiches, tator tots and salad. Yeah, not very healthy, but a very yummy indulgence for a Saturday night dinner.
Well, after all the dishes were done I pulled out our tree and began to decorate. Funny how the boys seem to disappear when the Christmas decorations come out, but I had a lovely time putting it all together, pulling out the ornaments one by one and getting lost in the memories. Here is the finale along with a few closeups of some of my favorite ornaments, which have been mostly created by my eldest sister, Jessica.

 Ready for the celebration of the Birth of Jesus!
 When I was little, the treasure chest ornament was my favorite and a favorite of a few of my siblings. I cried when Jessica made this the annual ornament she made for gifts. I love that I have my own and hope my future kids will have some day dreams of treasure hunting as I did when I was young.

 Who couldn't love a Frosty the Snowman adorning their tree?
 An angel I bought shortly after my youngest sister passed away. She is with me every day, but also on my tree every year.
 Ok, any house without a glimmer of a leg lamp isn't truly celebrating Christmas, right?
  Beautiful angel handmade by Jessica. This angel has a song in her heart and if you have a quiet evening and a listening ear, you can hear it perfectly.

I love the ornaments that tell a story, so I have a hard time purchasing them from the store - handmade from the heart is always best and every year I can't wait to see what surprise ornament I will receive to add to my story telling collection.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

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